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Essential Design Handbooks series

What is Graphic Design?

by Quentin Newark

A comprehensive, well-informed survey of graphic design today. Creative Review The purpose of this book is to explain what graphic design is and how it works.

What is Graphic Design? starts by exploring the complex issues that shape design: economics, ethics, technology, theory and developments in other arts. It looks at how design has evolved over the centuries, from its origins in the Renaissance with the development of book printing, to the present day, where it includes areas such as magazines, corporate branding, television titles, film and websites.

Quentin Newark breaks design down into its elements, looking at what typography is, how text and pictures combine, and shows how the process of reproduction underpins every aspect of design and its practice.

Diverse work from leading designers from around the world illustrates how broad and rich the profession can be.

What is Graphic Design? is essential reading for students, teachers … anyone interested involved in graphic design.

“This book should automatically be presented to all graphic design students… it is a fine preparatory work.” Graphics International

Anyone interested in this book should also take a look at Quentin Newark’s follow-up, What is Graphic Design For?.

About The Author

Quentin Newark is both a designer and a writer.

In 1990 he co-founded the Atelier Works design group in London, whose clients include Volkswagen UK and the Labour Party. He previously worked at Pentagram.

He contributes regularly to Design Week and Creative Review and writes for many other international publications, including Print and Domus. He has taught and lectured on many design courses and has advised the UK’s Teacher Training Agency on design within the National Curriculum.


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